New KONI EVO Shock Absorbers for Scania Omnilink Bus


    KONI 99B-3233 = Scania OE 1435340 / 1920825 KONI 99B-1798SP4 = Scania 483553

    KONI introduces new EVO shock absorbers for the front and rear axle of the 12, 15 & 18M SCANIA OMNILINK BUS.

    The KONI EVO range defines the next step in the evolution of bus suspension technology – more info here

    The aftermarket part number are KONI 99B-3233 and 99B-1798SP4 which replaces the OE part numbers 1435340 / 1920825 & 483553 respectively.

    For further information, please contact your local KONI BTT distributor.