Rotary dampers

Due to their unique construction these dampers can be used in applications where space limitations are a concern, while providing a superb ride quality.

The unique rotary design is a vane-type damper. The fluid-filled opposing chambers are interconnected through a metering valve. This means that rotational force displaces fluid from the high-pressure chamber to the opposing low-pressure chamber.

The amount of damping torque can be controlled, depending on the angular velocity of the load applied to the shock absorber, as well as the valve settings.

Unique features
» Adjustable design allows for factory direct reconditioning, extending service life
» Diverse range of installation possibilities for difficult applications
» Spring-loaded dynamic shaft seal prevents external leakage while providing continuous self-adjustment
» External access to fluid reserve enables easy fluid level checks
» Automatic “high shock” relief valves protect components from damage shock loads, and also limit torque from operation