05/06 Innovation

KONI developed a new range of damper series with excellent performance characteristics. Our new 05 – 06 series dampers utilize a two-directional oil flow principle through the piston.
The smart damper design features several improvements compared to traditional dampers. Due to the increased working area in the cylinder tube the dampers have an enhanced damper stiffness making them perfectly suitable for yaw damper applications. A significant weight reduction has been realized by reducing the internal working pressures, allowing smaller piston diameter and thinner cylinder walls.

Additional FSD feature
A further significant benefit of these damper series is the possibility to include our patented FSD valves in the piston without making any adjustment to the design. With our Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) valves we are able to provide alternative damping forces for high and low input frequencies.

For yaw damper applications this feature gives the benefit that the damper will have a soft damping characteristic during curving (low frequencies), reducing wear and stress due to counter track forces.

At the same time the damper also has a stiff damping characteristic to dampen the high yawing frequency when speeding over a straight track.
With our FSD option the optimum combination between safety, wear reduction and comfort can be achieved.

Main features
» Enhanced stiffness
» Weight reduction
» Suitable for Frequency Selective Damping

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