Niels van Roij Design Pays Tribute to 1962 Breadvan


    KONI Shock Absorbers is partnering with renowned Dutch coachbuilder and designer, Niels van Roij, to pay tribute to the historic 1962 Breadvan through his latest project: The Breadvan Hommage. The designer’s past works include stylish creations such as the Tesla Model S-based Shooting Brake and Adventum CoupĂ©. In 2018, the Dutchman started this completely new, custom-built project from his design studio in London, based on a 550 Maranello.

    Historically, KONI has developed shock absorbers for numerous models and Formula 1 cars from the Italian brand with the prancing horse. It is only fitting that they will provide specially designed dampers for this exclusive vehicle.

    Pioneers of Innovative Suspension Technology
    KONI, founded in 1857, was the inventor of the adjustable hydraulic shock absorber. At the time, KONI was the main supplier of shock absorbers for Ferrari. Thus, the original 1962 Breadvan was fitted with specially developed KONI dampers. This collaboration resulted in, among other things, KONI’s first steps into Formula 1 racing.

    In 1958, the Italian sports car manufacturer was the first Formula 1 team to equip their vehicles with
    KONI shock absorbers. Many production models were also equipped with KONI shocks; all of which have
    all grown into valuable collectibles over the years.

    “Many races and 16 World Titles in Formula 1 later, we are at the start of the collaboration with Niels
    van Roij Design. The Breadvan Hommage is a new interpretation of an icon and a great opportunity for
    KONI to use advanced technology as a tribute to this successful racing car,” says KONI's Frank

    F1 Technology
    Designed exclusively for the Breadvan Hommage, KONI has developed one-of-a-kind dampers, based on
    the damper technology used to win many championships, including Formula 1 and Can-Am.
    These 8211-series dampers are based on a Twin-Tube hydraulic shock absorber, with the ability to
    adjust the damping force both in compression stroke and in rebound stroke independently over a very
    wide range, all while the dampers are mounted on the car. As a result, the perfect setting can always be
    chosen for a variety of circumstances and preferences of the driver.

    The KONI 8211-series dampers are maintenance-friendly. They can be completely dismantled or
    assembled and mounted again after maintenance / modification. The dampers produced for this project
    are exclusive to the Breadvan Hommage and will not be available for sale.

    Breadvan Hommage
    The Breadvan Hommage project by Niels van Roij Design took shape last year following a special request
    from an enthusiastic fan of the original 1962 Breadvan. He approached the London design agency to
    design a contemporary interpretation of the original, including a completely new exterior and interior
    design. While, of course, staying true to the famous original.

    A 550 Maranello serves as the basis for the Breadvan Hommage; a more than logical choice according to
    Niels van Roij. “After 23 years, this sports car - an icon from the 90s - was the first car of the Italian
    brand that was designed in the same way as the original Breadvan basic car of its time: with a large V12
    in the front and a manual gearbox. That combination offers us the opportunity to base our
    interpretation of the legendary Breadvan on a car with the same recognizable DNA.”

    With the exception of the windshield, each body part is custom-built for the Breadvan Hommage and
    hand-crafted from aluminum.

    Each Friday leading up to the final reveal, Niels van Roij Design shares behind-the-scenes looks at
    Breadvan Hommage project via social media. Thus, offering a glimpse into the world of car design and
    coachbuilding. For more information about the Breadvan Hommage project, please visit:

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