Breadvan Hommage nearing completion


    Breadvan Hommage nearing completion
    • Renowned car designer and KONI are in the process of making one-off products which will soon be revealed
    • Niels van Roij Design and KONI have been working hard in the past months to complete the hardware for the Breadvan Hommage.
    • The one-off body will soon be married to the one-off KONI F1-derived suspension system
    OUD-BEIJERLAND, Feb 07, 2019 – During the summer of 2019, Niels van Roij Design and KONI announced a cooperation that will result in the Breadvan Hommage. KONI feels very closely connected to this project. The original Breadvan in 1962 was based on a Ferrari 250 GT SWB which was standard equipped with KONI shock-absorbers. While on the one side the body is nearing its completion, KONI has been working hard to design and build one-off shock absorbers that will be a perfect match for this legendary tribute to a historical car.
    As announced in 2019, KONI would be using the technology of its 8211 series shock absorbers, which is derived from current KONI race suspension systems, itself based on Formula 1 Technology as it was used by many Championship winners in the 70’s. This unique technology is featuring adjustable damping forces both in compression as well as in rebound direction. The adjustable damping forces are based on a pre-load system on both the piston (for the rebound forces) but also on the bottom valve for the compression forces. KONI has invented this adjustment mechanism already in 1948, when KONI introduced the world’s first adjustable, hydraulic shock absorber.
    Over the years this technology has been refined and improved by a highly skilled team of engineers at KONI. The result is a suspension system that ensures:
    • Better Driving feel
    • Wide range of adjustment, without using the more common, but inaccurate needle valve adjustment system
    • Excellent Reliability and Repeatability
    • Unrivaled damping characteristics, to ensure mechanical grip
    The occasion of being invited to design and built a one-off suspension system for the Breadvan Hommage has been used as an opportunity to create a suspension system that does justice to the scope of this project. The idea of the project and design of the Coachbuilt Motorcar itself are full of character, hence the need of a suspension system that is on par with the character of the project. On top the KONI shock absorbers can be adjusted by the owner to suit his personal taste and/or the driving conditions.
    Soon the One-Off shock absorbers designed and made by KONI for the Breadvan Hommage will be mated to the body. Not much later the completed car will be revealed for everybody to admire the contemporary version of this legendary car.
    Every Friday, Niels van Roij Design reveals more details of the Breadvan Hommage project via the Breadvan_updates on social media. With this, Niels van Roij Design offers a unique glimpse into the world of car design and coach building. For more information about the Breadvan Hommage project, visit the Niels van Roij Design website.

    About KONI
    With 150 years of experience, KONI has the know-how to optimize the driving performance and experience and the handling of a vehicle. KONI is active on all continents and supplies shock absorbers worldwide through a large number of local distributors. KONI develops, produces and sells hydraulic shock absorbers and systems for use in passenger cars and racing cars, buses, trucks, trailers, trains and wagons, defense vehicles and industrial constructions. Since 1972, KONI has been part of ITT, a global industrial company with employees in more than 35 countries and customers in around 125 countries.
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