2822 MKII Series

4 way adjustable

In the development of the 2822MKII series, KONI engineers drew on their many years of know-how and experience in motor racing. It is based on the proven technology of the 2812MKII 2-way adjustable damper, being used by many race teams over the last decade.

The major difference with the 2812 is the 2822 series being 4-way adjustable. It is a double wall, high pressure gas shock absorber. Specifically designed for competition purposes, it is fully adjustable while fitted on the car. It contains two adjusters in bump (compression) and two in rebound (extension), both having an independent low speed, as well as a high speed adjustment.

They do not  rely on the commonly used needle valves. Instead, a superior and advanced adjustment cartridge controls the opening and closing of valve loaded ports. Positive lock detents assure that each port can only be either open or closed. The result is that each cartridge will always accurately reproduce a set of eight pre-programmed damping curves.

Various cartridges are available, each with its own set of characteristics. One pair of cartridges is housed in the main piston, one for bump, one for rebound, to adjust the low speed damping. The other two cartridges are fitted in the high speed block to control the high speed damping and adjustment. They allow the damper to have an adjustable blow-off force.

Unique to both low as well as high speed damping is that the bump and rebound forces are generated by the piston area and not by rod displacement at all. This creates a very precise control over the damping forces and very little phase lag (hysteresis) due to the lower hydraulic pressures.
The dampers have a separate reservoir to accommodate the bump adjuster, providing extra oil flow, while keeping installation simple, lightweight and clean.

All adjusters operate totally independent of each other and feature 8 positions, all being predefined and having distinct stops. The adjustment range of all four cartridges are wide and divided in equal steps.

Besides being developed to meet the highest quality standards, a close relationship with Dallara (I), who fit the 2822 as standard equipment on their GP2 chassis, enables KONI to remain at the front of technological advances at the track.