Light Commercial Vehicles - 87, 80, 82, and 88 Series

Light commercial vehicles, commercial vans and light distribution trucks, are becoming more popular by the day. For these types of vehicles, KONI has a wide range of shock absorbers available from an 87 series complete McPherson strut to 80, 82, and 88 series shock absorbers.

Customer Testimonial

We had serious problems with the dampers of our new car carriers. When they travelled from Moscow to Yekaterinburg and back we needed to exchange all the original dampers because they where leaking. The manufacturer of these trailers apparently used a low quality damper, because after changing the dampers, this problem occurred again.
Since switching to KONl we haven’t had this problem anymore. The trailer behaves itself and is much more stable, which reduces freight movement. We have also seen less wear on tyres and other suspension components.
We convinced the Italian manufacturer of this trailer to use KONl as an original supplier and since then we can use every new trailer in our fleet straight from the box. We can now guarantee safe and damage-free transport of brand new vehicles all over Russia.“
TAISU Global Truck
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