88, 90, 92 Series

Truck, tractors and construction equipment benefit from an extensive range of KONI dampers. Durability, adjustability, comfort and road holding are combined in a specific range of dampers that can be used from deserts to the  arctic on all possible roads.  KONI continues to supply the proven 88, 90 and 92 type dampers, which provide maximum drivability and road-holding.

Features & Benefits
  • Less wear and tear
  • Cost efficient
  • Long life time
  • Improved stability

Profit from every driven kilometer
KONI dampers have the lowest cost per kilometer. 
We applied some of the most robust materials and cutting-edge technologies to give you that extra profit for every driven kilometer.

By reducing wear and tear on all our dampers you will reduce costs for maintenance, have less hassle when exchanging worn out dampers and gain more mileage on the road.

Our BTT dampers have a very long life time. Superior performance, comfort and efficiency rooted in finest research and testing, that’s why it pays to drive on KONI!

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Customer testimonial

"One of our newest Volvo cars, which won the most beautiful truck elections in Holland, did not drive as well, we could not even drink a cup of coffee while driving without spilling." After a test with KONI dampers on the rear axle we decided, together with our dealer, to put the whole truck on KONIs.
We now enjoy much more comfort and have decided to put our entire fleet on KONI truck dampers. "
Guido Weeda, Weeda Transport (NL)