Truck & Trailer dampers

For the Truck & trailer market, where durability is key, KONI has developed specially designed shockabsorbers.

LCV - Light Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vans and light distribution trucks benifit greatly from the installation of KONI shock absorbers.

88, 90, 92 Series - Heavy Truck

Truck, tractors and construction equipment benefit from an extensive range of dampers. Durability, adjustability, comfort and road holding are combined in a specific range of dampers that can be used from deserts to the  arctic on all possible roads.

91 Series - Trailer

Since being introduced in 1999, this unique trailer damper developed by KONI for horizontal use, has become the strongest, best performing product on the market.
OEM’s prefer the damper, especially for extreme conditions such as in Australia and Eastern Europe, where the high temperature performance and strength is a must-have for survival.
An extensive aftermarket program is also available for all trailers.

EVO Series - Truck
In the evolution of truck suspension, KONI has developed a revolutionary shock absorber for todays's modern truck (EURO 6). This new range of EVO dampers redefines what comfort and handling are all about.

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