Defense applications

Shock absorbers
KONI’s extensive range of high performance shock absorbers are used on a wide range of commercial and military vehicles requiring high speed off road mobility. Shock absorbers can be offered for both tracked and wheeled vehicles for almost all axle weights and wheel travel.

KONI’s Hydroride® systems are a range of high performance suspension products offering better ride and handling for commercial and military vehicles than air springs or coil springs. They combine high performance damping with high pressure nitrogen springs to offer a light-weight, compact, affordable and reliable solution for tracked and wheeled vehicles from 2 to 50 tonnes which are
external to the vehicle chassis.

Coil Spring And Dampers
KONI together with our sister company Axtone or our spring supply partners, offer coil spring and damper assemblies for a wide range of commercial and military vehicles. Assemblies can be configured with the same interface as the Hydroride® units for the same axle applications giving the User interchangeability for a family of vehicles depending on the requirement.

For these special projects, please contact our dedicated Sales & Engineering department.

Defense applications brochure

defense brochure

Hydroride leaflet

Hydroride leaflet