Steering Damper

For buses there is a special type of steering damper: type 88. This damper reliably suppresses spontaneous shimmy and front wheel flutter, whilst keeping the steering wheel steady. The damper functions over a stroke of 70 mm, i.e. over 35 mm on both sides from the center position. Hence, steering will not be hampered by cornering and the steering wheel will automatically return to the center position without any resistance.

  •  Suppressed shimmy
  •  Less front wheel flutter
  •  Steady steering
  •  Long life time
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Since we have used KONl steering dampers on our buses, our drivers have not complained anymore about shimmying of the wheels being felt in through the steering wheel. Our drivers have now a safer and firm feeling when handling the bus and we have less wear and tear on steering knuckles and tires.“
Large European Public transport company