FSD Series

Comfort is one of the most important items for the performance of a bus. However, vehicle damping has always been a compromise between comfort and road-holding. Minimum damping is required for passenger comfort whilst strong damping is needed for safe and stable driving. This conflict of goals can not be solved with conventional shock absorbers.
KONl shock absorbers with Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology, have been specifically designed for passenger carrying vehicles and they combine the ultimate in comfort and road-holding.
Companies like NeoMan (Neoplan), Van Hool, TransBus International, VDL Bus International and Volvo equip their coaches and buses with KONI due to the comfort improvement and the long life-time.

Potholes and imperfections in the road surface will not be felt by the passengers and they will experience a higher level of comfort. At the same time road-holding is improved.

As FSD is an integrated part of the hydraulic system of the damper, no additional cables, sensors or air hoses are required.

Dampers with FSD can replace conventional dampers without changes to the construction of the vehicle.

It is an economical solution to achieve a considerable improvement of the ride of a bus or coach.

The FSD dampers have the same, very long life, as conventional KONl shock absorbers, without any maintenance requirement.

FSD dampers have already been successfully and extensively road tested by leading bus manufacturers.
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Customer Testimonial
“KONl FSD technology is the solution to solve comfort problems. Less vibration in the floor and good stability. The bus is floating on the road and you do not feel the road surface.”
Volvo, Sweden

“The optare Alero bus fitted with FSD shock absorbers is an excellent improvement.”
Optare, UK

“The KONl FSD technology brings increased comfort to our latest city bus A330. We are looking forward to further developments for our other city buses and coaches.“
Van Hool, Belgium