EVO 89 & 99

Defining the next step in the evolution of bus suspension technology.
Enjoy the ride with the innovative EVO 99; the revolutionary shock absorber exclusively designed for bus applications.
Thanks to the EVO 99, the drive and ride experience of a bus has never felt so smooth and comfortable.
KONI has developed a new revolutionary shock absorber which defines the next step in the evolution of bus suspension technology. The EVO 99, amongst other improvements, reduces the axle induced chassis vibration and noise to an absolute minimum resulting in a limousine-like driving experience.
Whilst the passenger will enjoy maximum ride comfort, the bus driver has full control in any condition providing maximum safety and reliability.
Low operating costs are ensured by unrivaled design solutions resulting in reduced weight, minimum investment costs and maximum durability.


Why are our EVO 99 the best partner for service conscious bus operators and fleet owners?
Vehicle fleets are a significant investment for transit organizations. Every vehicle failing to perform, impacts customer satisfaction and leads to high costs. KONI’s shock absorbers do not only offer an extended life time over standard shock absorbers – due to better control of vibration - they also extend the life cycle of other suspension related parts like steering joints, bearings and tires. Alongside that, the new state of the art technology ensures that both the passengers as well as the driver will arrive at their destination having encountered the highest level of comfort available today in any Bus or Coach – a smooth drive , less noise, less vibrations, less fatigue all resulting in more safety.
KONI EVO 99 Bus shocks will become available for a whole range of popular bus and coach brands including: Bova, Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes, Neoplan, Renault, RVI, Setra, Solaris, Scania, Temsa, Van Hool and VDL.
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Features and Benefits
· Increased safety
· Less maintenance
· Increased damper endurance
· Less wear on suspension parts
· Also suited for top-heavy buses
· Satisfied passengers
· Healthier driver
· Lowest cost per km/mile
Customer Testimonial
`The new KONI EVO 99 shock absorber technology contributes to the high comfort level of our new LD bus series, even under rough road conditions the bus has less vibration, more stability.´
TEMSA / Turkey