KONI - Bus, Truck, Trailer and Specialties

In the bus, truck and trailer market the demands for even higher standards for safety, durability, performance and passenger-comfort are universal. That is why we strive to be the leading solution provider globally. Operating on all continents, KONI dampers are supplied to the world markets through a vast number of local distributors.

As a market leader, we are committed to offering an unmatched service for bus truck and trailer solutions. If we want to exceed your expectations, we need to connect to your business. So we focus on your demands and requirements, whereby working together as a team is the key. Providing added value to you means that we are connected to your markets and therefore your needs. We deliver anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

We truly believe teamwork and sharing knowledge supports your business and, therefore, ours.

Our expertise reaches from RV's, to agricultural vehicles, LCV's for emergencies,industrial applications such as bridges and even defense vehicles. Engineering solutions is what we do on a daily basis.
KONI shock absorbers are market leading products.


  • Extended lifetime of the dampers
  • ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 Quality certificates
  • Outstanding comfort and roadholding performance
  • Many worldwide OEM contracts
  • Low warranty rates

KONI makes economic sense
KONI dampers last extremely long. The combination of the adjustability and the availability of replacement bush kits extend their lifetime even more. That’s why KONI dampers have the lowest cost per kilometer. For 91 type trailer dampers, a lifetime of more than one million kilometers is no exception.

KONI means superior innovation
Our engineers benefit from KONI’s many years of know-how and experience in supplying to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). These long term OEM partnerships, along with our involvement in special projects such as rallies and other racing activities enhance the development of bus, truck & trailer dampers.

KONI is always tailor made
KONI shock absorbers are specifically developed for any type of vehicle or driving condition. Be it military or construction vehicles, we deliver with precisely determined damping forces and characteristics. A KONI is never a simple copy of the original but a tailor made design. This way you get the best comfort and roadholding performance.

KONI distributes worldwide
KONI grew from being a small regional producer into a world renowned manufacturer. Today we total more than 35 official Bus, Truck & Trailer distributors world-wide and export to more than 90 countries.

KONI holds OE pedigree
KONI shock absorbers are used by leading bus, truck and trailer manufacturers, including: ArvinMeritor, EvoBus, Ginaf, Hendrickson, Van Hool, Kenworth, Langendorf, RVI, SAF, Scania, Terberg, Terex, TransBus International (Dennis), VDL Bus International (DAFBus), VDL Berkhof, VDL Bova, VDL Jonckheere, Volvo, York etc.

Bus dampers

Bus dampers

To serve our customers in the best possible way, KONI has developed several bus dampers specific to the needs for passenger transportation.

Truck and trailer dampers

Truck and trailer dampers

For trucks, trailers, tractors and construction vehicles, KONI offers several dampers for maximum drivability and roadholding.

Specialty applications

Specialty applications

Shockabsorbers for specialty applications to withstand the toughest of circumstances.