Quality within KONI is based on customer requirements, the combination of research, development and modern manufacturing techniques. We’re committed to Total Quality Management and operate within compliance of quality standard ISO 9001, as well as the environmental code ISO 14001 and the health and safety standard OHSAS18001.

All new product developments follow international automotive industry standard IATF 16949, which ensures that all products meet their determined objectives in every way. 

Specifically for our Railway business, we are also International Railways Industry Standard (IRIS) certified.
This allows KONI to lead the way in achieving the balance between damper performance, quality and cost.

In addition to our quality certificates, KONI has earned many awards and approvals from the Industry for maintaining a high standard of quality control and product specification.

The Quality requirements are transferred to our suppliers through the Supplier Quality Manual, continuously updated to include the most advanced standards and best practices.

Each new damper type will undergo a first article inspection test. During this test our engineers measure the dimensions and the force-speed characteristic of the damper to assure that the damper complies with the specifications. In addition to our first article inspection test, every production damper is performance tested before leaving the factory. Our test machines are connected to a central system, which contain all of the necessary test data for each type of damper. By entering the damper type the test machine knows the exact test data with the applicable tolerance band. All test diagrams are recorded and available upon request.


KONI is ISO14001 certified . Furthermore KONI is in full compliance with the REACH regulations concerning the use of chemical substances and their impact on both human health and the environment.  

The design of our shock absorbers covers its complete life cycle. This starts with a robust design which can serve for many safe miles without the requirement for service or replacement, minimizing the risk of leakage and minimizing the use of material and of natural sources for sourcing, manufacturing and usage. Our shock absorbers are produced with great awareness of energy use and waste reduction. At the end of its lifetime, most parts of our shock absorber can be recycled. For any detailed information about disposal, please contact your supplier.

Custom design

Dedicated engineering
The KONI Research & Development department is totally committed to offering the best shock absorber solutions for each unique rail transportation system. For customer specific applications our team of engineers, supported by our committed suppliers, will prepare the most suitable proposals.

Vehicle dynamics
With its state of the art tools and wealth of experience, KONI is fully equipped to offer the best solution for any vehicle dynamics problem. Based on our extensive experience and project specific calculations, our modular products can be adapted to suit the specific customer requirements.