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  • Shocks & struts

    KONI, the world’s leading manufacturer of
    shocks and struts for the OEM and after-
    sales market. Here you find all kinds of
    shock absorbers for a great ride handling,
    experience, quality for your private, classic
    or offroad car. And for the different
    applications of bus, truck & trailer, rail
    and special products.


    The abbreviation of Frequency Selective Damping
    is FSD – KONI´s leading technology.
    It is the latest technology of KONI, specifically
    designed to combine the ultimate in comfort and
    road-holding. The leading shock-manufacturer.

  • Racing activities

    Since the nineteen-fifties KONI has been an
    active and popular partner in different racing series
    like the Formula 1, Le Mans / GT, GP 3.

  • ITT connection

    Since 1972 KONI has been part of the global
    engineering and manufacturing company called ITT.
    ITT is a global leader in producing safety and control
    systems for the transportation market, including
    automobiles, buses, trucks and trailers.